More about Us

The name Kalon (pronounced like┬átalon with a k) is derived from the ancient Greek concept of ‘to kalon.’

To be kalon is more than being beautiful; it is having a beauty that both is and inspires excellence.

For the Greeks, this meant a beauty linked with moral worth and usefulness. For us this means making products that aren’t only beautiful in form but beautiful in concept as well.

We believe that true beauty radiates from the whole but has its roots in the details and so from our hardware to our motifs, from our raw materials to our finishes, we laboriously handpick each element so that it too, alone, is kalon.

The Greeks believed that an object that was kalon had a beauty powerful enough to inspire excellence in those who beheld it.

It is our sincerest hope that our products will do this as well – that the thoughtfulness and consideration put into each object we’ve made will pour back into the homes they grace and the world of which we are all a part.