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Gift Guide for Big Kids

Gift Guide: Big Kid

Dare to explore. Real materials. Real functionality.

The Big Kid Gift Guide is about exploration of a child’s natural surroundings and their inner fantasy world. These are real, functioning objects that encourage independence and exploration in both realms, fostering creativity within those who dare to explore. The materials are rugged and natural. We loved making this guide.

Kalon Studios Wilderness Collection
backcountry stool, $125; field tent, $320
Made from the classic, natural materials of wood, leather and canvas, these beautiful, practical tools are inspired by traditional expedition tackle and the rugged intellectuals of America’s early naturalist movement. Made in Los Angeles.

Nico Nico Quilted Jacket
Perfect for winter layering or as a fall/spring jacket. Nico Nico is known and loved for their beautiful fabrics and well-tailored basics. Made in Los Angeles.

Peterson First Guides
Beautifully illustrated field guides for the budding naturalist.

Opinel First Knife
Opinel has tweaked its amazingly simple and iconic knife for kids. It’s the perfect first knife for children to learn how to use a knife safely. Fits neatly in a pocket or backpack.

Made for adults but small enough for a child’s face, these waterproof binoculars were carefully selected to provide a child with the true experience of binoculars. They are sturdy enough for play but aren’t designed to be a toy.

available alone or as a capsule, $14-$26
We looked high and low for an affordable compass that reliably showed true north because we wanted children to have a true experience of navigation. These sturdy brass compasses are made in California and the larger one doubles as a storage container for matches or money.