Gift Guide for Little Kids

Gift Guide: Little Kid

Modern Heirlooms

The Little Kid Gift Guide is a collection objects that will be coveted and cherished and passed down to the next generation. Made from a range of materials and textures, each is unique in what it offers a small child and represents a perfection of craft and purpose. They share a tactility, integrity and purity of engagement for children who are beginning to explore the world around them through sound, building, balance, wonder, storytelling, or physics.

Kalon Studios Hut-Hut
available in 5 colors, $110
With its broad, low, rocking form, this playful reinterpretation of the rocking horse offers small children a way to explore and learn balance. Lightweight and durable.

Misha + Puff Popcorn Sweater
available in 5 colors, $128
This archetypal piece is lovingly hand knit in Peru from 100% hand dyed merino wool and finished with a handcrafted horn button.

Auris Glockenspiel
This diatonic glockenspiel has a rich, beautiful sound. With brass keys and a birchwood frame this piece offers children the ability to explore the world of sound not with a toy but with a true musical instrument. Handmade in Jarna, Sweden.

Rock & Pebble H Blocks
available in 3 colors, $42
These simple, solid-wood blocks fit together like puzzle pieces to create endless architectural forms, encouraging children to think creatively.

Les Jouets Libres Woody Knitting Sheep
This beautiful wooden knitting sheep is made with sustainable wood and natural sheep’s wool and helps small children develop fine motor skills.

Grimm’s Colored Block Set
One of the most important toys that a child can own, building blocks help young children to develop their creativity, dexterity, coordination skills, as well as their imagination. Some of the greatest architects of our time have attributed their craft to having access to this simple toy. This beautiful set is handmade in Germany from sustainably harvested wood and non-toxic dyes.

Siebensachen Mozartkugel Music Box
This stunning wooden musical ball is made of solid wood, plays Mozart melodies and creates a pure sense of wonder.

Lucie Kaas Wooden Elephant
This whimsical mid-century wooden figurine by Gunnar Flørning is a reproduction by Danish design company Lucie Kaas. The design studio’s mission is to create objects that tell stories through the use of materials or shapes.

Moulin Roty Shadow Puppets
Night-time shadow puppets for bedtime story telling made by French toy designers Moulin Roty. Moulin Roty has been artfully designing and beautifully manufacturering toys for over 40 years.

Pop-pop Boat
A simple steam engine boat that runs with water and a candle, the pop-pop boat has been built and loved by children all over the world for generations. Make your own or try this version from Manufactum.

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