Introducing the Caravan Divan: Small size with a big attitude – just like your little someone.

Bed. Couch. Whatever you need it to be, the Caravan Divan takes you all the way through childhood. Designed to be the perfect first ‘big kid’ bed for your toddler that transitions (no kit, no fuss) into a couch for your growing child’s room. You can even skip all the bed stuff and move right to divan. Small sized and low to the ground, the divan takes up minimal space in a room yet is spacous enough for a growing child to use as seating for years to come.

Caravan Divan Toddler bed without backrest with bedding option

Great for reading. A cozy place to curl up. Toddler bed. Guest bed. Sized for a child but designed with you in mind.

Available in all 6 finishes from throughout the Caravan collection. Conversion kits for the Caravan Crib are also available. Optional assembly without backrest for a colorful, modern bed with head and footboard.

As with all our products, the Caravan Divan is domestically made in an FSC certified facility from the highest quailty, locally sourced sustainable materials.