In Conversation with Kalon

The Value of Slow Design 

Simple, Better: The Kalon Organic Bed

A less is more approach to bedding, ethically made in the USA. 

Craft + Process: Jason Good, Assembly

Putting the pieces together 

A Collection for Change: An Evolving Catalog

Giving to protect our environment  

Craft + Process: Calvin Roop, Gluing

Ensuring integrity 
Oil wax finish with carnauba wax

Craft + Process: Living, Breathing Materials

A primer on protecting materials — naturally. 

Finding Inspiration: Drought and Deluge

Gaining perspective on the super bloom 

Contemplations: The Art of Slow Design

Why good things should take time 
Michaele Simmering of Kalon Studios

In Conversation with Kalon Co-Founder Michaele Simmering

Leather and Brass Drawer Pulls DIY

Craft + Process: DIY Leather Hooks + Pulls

No advanced knife skills necessary 
Woodworking tools

In the Details: Kalon’s Material Standards

The standards that guide our process