The California Color Collection

Inspired by the Californian landscape

Los Angeles is far greener than people expect and despite the rumors, LA does have seasons. Our studio sits in a garden in the Los Angeles hills and we see them shift outside our windows. Each season brings its own color palette something we see most dramatically in the field below us which fades from green to gold to dusty red-brown in the high heat of summer when everything dies except the agaves and the costal live oak trees.

This daily contact with nature is what brings a lot of Angelenos to the city. It and the strange sense of living in a luminous bubble at the end of the earth were definitely what brought us here. An hour outside the city in any direction are a myriad of environments – snow capped mountains, dense pine forests, barren rocky deserts, sand dunes, salt flats, golden hills, scruffy fog heavy beaches. Except for rainforests, California has every habitat the earth has to offer.

The California Color collection is our love letter to the landscape that surrounds us. Its lazy blond grasses and delicate, desert blue-greens influence us every day. We’ve pulled some of our favorites from the deep blue of the Joshua Tree night sky to the warm golden tones of the desert sands. Each color is mixed in a small batch to ensure depth and purity of color. Our paint is water based and Green Guard Certified.¬†100% non-toxic, low-VOC, HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) free. It is the only one of its kind on the market.

Introducing Salt, Dune, Agave, Midnight and Charcoal, colors inspired by the Californian landscape. Available immediately for all pieces in the Caravan Collection. We hope you love them.

Caravan Dresser in AgaveAgave