The New Caravan Divan: Lounge. Sit. Sleep.

Effortless and classic, the Caravan Divan is an easy, comfortable and generous piece of furniture. The pared-back styling and simplicity of the piece allow it to mix well in any setting. Sharing the proportions of a standard twin bed, the Divan can be used for lounging and seating or for sleeping.

Made with uncompromising craftsmanship by traditional woodworkers in the USA, from 100% sustainably harvested domestic Maple, the Caravan Divan is a celebration of craft and contemporary American woodworking.

As with all of our pieces, we used the most sustainable materials and methods available. This piece is manufactured in America, upholding the long-standing regional tradition of furniture making and the craftspeople who are a part of it.

Designed to be as socially and environmentally responsible as it is beautiful, this piece was built to last for generations of use.

The Caravan Divan is made to order and available on and at select retail partners.

Divan Twin Raw 'in the wild'