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With its pared back design, the Divan Twin is an effortless and generous piece of contemporary American furniture. The Divan Twin is made from solid, oil-rubbed Maple. Sized for a twin mattress the divan works as a lounge or a bed.

Made in Pennsylvania.

77.5″L x 42″W x 31.55″H

The pieces included in the sale are seconds. They include heavier grain variation and darker hues that is natural to the wood.  The differences are aesthetic only and have no impact on the structural integrity of the piece.


77.5″L x 42″W x 31.55″H
Made in Pennsylvania

• Solid, domestic Maple frame with standard twin bed proportions.
• Designed for a 6”-11” thick mattress. Images show 9” mattress at lower setting.
• 2 point adjustable mattress height.
• Mattress slats are made from solid wood veneer ply.
• Finished with a clear premium, natural oil finish. This finish preserves the natural hue of raw wood.
• Raw option is available upon request.
• No toxins/No off-gassing



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