Shaving Set

Domestic Black Walnut (linseed oil/wax finish) razor and shaving brush with leather detail. Part of Kalon’s small batch, wood and leather Coyote Collection: tools of refinement for the urban animal.

Shaving brush comes with a 100% natural, silver tipped badger knot. Known for its superior water retention, lather and overall softness, the silver tipped badger knot is the most luxurious and rarest of badger knots. Razor has a Mach 3 shaving head.

All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles. Only a few of each were made. The materials used were specifically chosen due to their ability to grow more beautiful with age and use. Each piece is designed to wear in and not out.

Made in Los Angeles

• Limited edition run.
• Linseed oil/wax finish.
• 100% natural, silver tipped badger knot shaving brush.
• Razor has a Mach 3 shaving head.


45.00  —  135.00