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Shaving Set

Domestic Black Walnut (linseed oil/wax finish) razor and shaving brush with leather detail. Part of Kalon’s small batch, wood and leather Coyote Collection: tools of refinement for the urban animal.

Shaving brush comes with a 100% natural, silver tipped badger knot. Known for its superior water retention, lather and overall softness, the silver tipped badger knot is the most luxurious and rarest of badger knots. Razor has a Mach 3 shaving head.

All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles

• Solid Black Walnut handles with leather detailing.
• Linseed oil/wax finish.
• 100% natural, silver tipped badger knot shaving brush.
• Razor has a Mach 3 shaving head.
• Materials selected for to their ability to grow more beautiful with age and use.


45.00  —  135.00