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Kalon Studios was founded in Los Angeles in late 2007 by husband-wife design team, Johannes Pauwen & Michaele Simmering shortly after the birth of their first child. Unable to find a crib that met their needs in terms of design and sustainability, Johann and Michaele decided to make their own. Named after their daughter, the Io Crib became part of Kalon’s first collection. (The Echo Crib, 2010, was designed and named for their second daughter.) Within a year, Kalon was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential green companies in the world.

Kalon’s pieces have become cult favorites amongst international creatives, sought out for their casual chic appeal and the company’s rigorous, transparent ethics. Recognized as a thought leader in the design field, Kalon has won numerous awards in the U.S. and in Europe. Kalon’s work is best known for its strong focus on material and a zero compromise approach to quality and sustainability.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page for a look inside the studio and what goes into the making of a piece.

Kalon Studios has been producing American made design with a focus on seamlessly combining a love of contemporary design, simplicity and craft since 2007.

Process + Intent

Embracing American made craft and innovation, Kalon Studios was founded not only to design products that stimulate and inspire but also to use design for positive change. We strive to produce products that hold a lasting, intrinsic beauty.

Each piece is made by a small team of highly skilled traditional craftspeople in New England using timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forests and the highest quality sustainable finishes and materials. Pieces are designed with flexibility of use, durability and timeless desirability in mind. Our intent is that the user will keep the product for a life time and that the piece will adapt to the users ever changing needs and tastes.

Kalon Studios follows a philosophy of local manufacturing. Pieces for North American are made in New England. Pieces for Europe are made in Europe.

We strive to produce products that hold a lasting, intrinsic beauty.

Kalon Studios works primarily with natural materials, embracing the unique character and color of natural materials as an integral part of design. We value the playful relationship between the inherent variations of natural materials and the precision of contemporary form.

See our Materials + Methods page for information about the materials we use.

Small Stump and Large Stump
Coral Caravan Crib

Kalon participates in annually in design exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Information about these exhibitions and image galleries from them can be found in our blog. Join our mailing list to receive notification of future exhibitions and product releases.

For a look behind the scene, follow Kalon on Instagram. Or visit Kalon on Pinterest to see shots of our work ‘In the Wild.’

For more information about Kalon, visit our press page where you can read about awards,  links to interviews with Michaele + Johann.

Inspired by the storybook circus wagon, the piece plays with archetypal form and contemporary, ultra-bold colors.