A study in contrast in homage to Japan’s Sashimono tradition

The Bough collection is a study in contrast. It rethinks the opposition between traditional and modern, between delicacy and resilience. The visual tension achieved by mixing heavy slabs of wood with slender, sculptural legs draws upon the functional beauty of Japan’s Sashimono tradition; the collection’s elemental simplicity is produced by complex, concealed joints of surprising strength. Each detail is precisely executed with the highest standard of craftsmanship to emphasize the beauty of the solid ash construction.

Requiring a level of precision not commonly found in woodworking, the complex joinery used throughout the collection was developed by Kalon using the most advanced manufacturing methods available. Drawing inspiration from the ancient  Sashimono woodworking technique which   uses intricate concealed joinery and little to no metal fasteners to produce elegantly simple furniture, each joint fits together like a beautiful, multi-dimensional puzzle. The strength of this joinery allows pieces to have a strikingly substantial feel while remaining visually light.

As with all of Kalon’s work, pieces are built in the United States from exclusively domestic materials. There is only one shop in the country that has the machining capacity to mill to the precision required by the collection. After milling, the pieces are built and finished by Mennonite craftsmen in Pennsylvania.

The collection includes the a table, bench and stool. It was released in 2018 after two years of development.

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