A less is more approach to bedding, ethically made in the USA.

Created with the belief that less is more, the Kalon Organic Bed collection is ethically and sustainably made in the USA with purity of materials and comfort in mind. 

Honoring the fact that on average, over a third of our life is spent sleeping, we wanted to produce a range of products that also promote peace of mind.. There is no off-gassing, no hidden chemicals, no secret proprietary components. What you see is what you get. Simple, honest, pure.

The Dream No. 1 Mattress and Kalon Organic Mattress are the result of years of thought and research and the realization that it’s not always easy to figure out what is inside a mattress nor to sift through unregulated descriptors such as “natural” or “organic”. Kalon Mattresses use only four pure materials: organic coir, organic natural latex, natural wool and organic cotton. Kalon’s Organic Pillow uses only two carefully sourced, pure, organic materials. Each is carefully sourced and certified for natural, organic content at the various stages of production, from farmer and crop to factory. 

We partnered with LA-based brand Morrow Soft Goods to produce a range of special crib sheets woven from 100% French or Belgian flax and pre-washed for exceptional softness. Versatile by nature, flax linen adapts to all seasons (and sleepers) to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s a strong fabric that will endure for years to come with its airy, textured and effortless style.

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