Customize an existing piece in our collection or have us design something new.

Beauty, through and through

Kalon works on commercial and residential projects with architects, interior designers and directly with clients. We can tailor make our existing product line in a wide variety of wood species, metals and finishes or we can design and build something completely new.

Kalon’s design focus is to build for real life, focusing on the entire life cycle of a piece. We design for function, feel, use, craft, and material just as much as we design for how each piece looks. Pieces should be approachable, adaptable, long lasting and versatile. Every piece we make is as chemically neutral as possible, for the environment, the craftspeople and the people who use them. We are proud to build all of our pieces in the USA.

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Finish and Species
We work with an extensive network of wood suppliers and can work with almost any wood species. Our standard options range from our full offering of domestic hardwoods and natural finishes. We guide you through the process of selecting the best material and finish for your project.

Size and Scale
Whether or large or small change, we can resize our designs to perfectly fit the design of your space.

Customer Own Material
All of our upholstered work is available with textiles of your own choosing.

Pricing and Lead-Time
Custom and customized projects require a different pricing structure and lead time. Both are quoted on a project basis.

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