A timeless nursery collection evoking balance and ease


A timeless nursery collection evoking balance and ease

Introduced in 2010, the Caravan Collection was part of the first wave of modern kids design. Rejecting the idea that children’s design, eco-design
and high-design were mutually exclusive, the collection redefined and challenged accepted norms. Sustainable, convertible, gender-neutral, and American made before these qualities became national talking points, the crib has been globally recognized as a thought leader in the field many times over.

At the core of the design is a belief that the essential parts of a child’s first living space should be effortless and beautiful for all who experience them. The archetypal, pared-back design allows the crib to seamlessly integrate with a wide-variety of styles. Rejecting the idea of a gendered nursery and a nursery palette in general, the Caravan collection was released in a range of ultra bright, high-pigment colors that included black, red, green, blue and yellow. Also offered in raw wood, the design honors theinherent beauty of natural materials.

The Caravan offered 6 stages of conversion and was among the first cribs to provide continued usability well beyond the nursery years. Beyond functionality for the parents, the stages of conversion drew heavily on Maria Montessori’s theories about a child’s quest for independence and development.

Perhaps most radically, in an era that marked the very beginning of interest in ‘green design’, the solid wood crib took a 360 degree approach to sustainability. With natural, biodegradable materials, custom mixed non-toxic finishes, domestic production and a zero compromise approach to quality and sustainability, the collection pushed far beyond the accepted threshold for ‘eco’ design. Kalon’s goal was not to simply meet the accepted standards and practices for environmentally safe production but rather to push beyond them to find the exact limits of what could be done to have a net positive effect on the environment, economy, society and culture. A decade later the crib remains the most sustainable in the market.

The collection includes a crib, dresser, double dresser, divan, conversion kit, changing tray, linen crib sheet and organic crib mattress.

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