Humble objects of exquisite beauty

Kalon Tableware was created to integrate contemporary tableware design with the organic quality of traditional American woodcraft. The elegantly utilitarian collection is made from sustainably harvested Maple (Natural or Roasted) and includes plates, bowls, cups and versatile serving vessels. With subtle design and uncompromising quality, the collection is perfect for special occasions and daily use.

Pieces are turned by specialized craftspeople in the heart of Amish woodworking country using a technique that fuses traditional craft and highly-innovative modern processes. The production process and selected materials accentuate the particular beauty and unique character of each piece.

Inspired by work done by Mim Sihvonen at Black Mountain College, the collection includes an 8.5″ plate, 11″ plate, 6″ bowl, 8″ bowl, 14″ bowl, cup and platter.

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