A meditation on elemental purity

An exercise in the quiet revelations found when pairing complimentary materials, Element marries the industrial precision of aluminum with the timeless warmth of Douglas Fir. Pared down and exacting, its design is defined by large rectangular planes in wood and metal where features like a high back and generous platform present an elegant architectural form that unequivocally grounds. While the cool precision of the brushed aluminum counterbalances the pared-down elegance of the long-grained wood, both materials have been long-admired for their strength and refinement, be it in engineering and construction or across the art history of Minimalism.

Element is the first in a collection of furniture and objects for the bedroom that utilizes the practicality and poetry of aluminum. Lightweight, sturdy, tactile and luminous, this material, especially when crafted at the highest of standards, will imbue a space with a harmonious presence.

Element includes a Queen and King bed, with future case pieces to come.

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