14″ Bowl

The 14″ Bowl is made from a solid block of hardwood by specialized craftspeople in Europe using a technique that fuses traditional craft and highly-innovative modern processes. This large, low slung bowl was sized for serving main dishes but works just as well as a center piece or for storing fruit. The optional lid is lovely way to present or transport a meal and can be used as a serving platter. The wood is finished with a natural oil/wax finish.

Kalon Tableware was created to integrate contemporary tableware design with the organic quality of traditional woodcraft. The elegantly utilitarian collection is made from sustainably harvested Natural or Roasted hardwood and includes plates, bowls, cups and versatile serving vessels. With subtle design and uncompromising quality, the collection is perfect for special occasions and daily use. The collection is made by a small team of master craftsmen in Bosnia, a country with a long and storied tradition of woodworking and wooden tableware.

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Both wood options are revered for their closed grain structure and durability. Harvested from sustainably managed natural forests from the mountains surrounding the wood shop, they have excellent environmental credentials. Roasted wood has gone through a non-chemical kiln drying process where the wood is exposed to high heat that turns the wood chocolate in color. This high heat produces a naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, warping, fungus and decay. Both options are finished with natural oils and waxes.

14″ Diameter
Made in Bosnia

• Finished with a natural oil/wax finish.
• No toxins/No chemical treatments/No EDCs.

We recommend hand washing with a mild dish soap and drying with a dish cloth. To maintain luster, pieces should be oiled as needed with food safe mineral oil. Pieces should not be submerged or soaked in water as this will cause the wood to warp over time.


133.00  —  400.00

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