From the Studio: Celebrating Caravan

10 Years of Thoughtful Nursery Design

Every room in a house has a vibration — a feeling that makes it, we hope, welcoming, comfortable, and tuned just right for all manner of life. Yet, when we first began designing our Caravan collection more than 10 years ago, the nursery space was a non-consideration in the design world. To this day, nursery design remains relatively rare.

At the core of Caravan is the belief that a child’s first living space should be effortless and beautiful for all who engage with it. The aesthetic was influenced by Maria Montessori in its materiality and versatility. In both, we strove to cultivate a child’s sense of curiosity, independence, and growth. With the archetype of a crib in mind, the Caravan crib design seamlessly integrates within a wide variety of styles and sensibilities. It’s meant to be an enduring heirloom piece, one that grows with the family over time as well as from generation to generation. 

Looking back to 2010, we remember that the design world was just beginning to use words like green, sustainable, and eco-friendly. There was some hesitation around whether beautiful design could even persist under such parameters. With Caravan, we brushed aside the idea that children’s design, eco-design, and high-design were mutually exclusive. Instead, we offered a range of pieces that are sustainable, convertible, gender-neutral, and American-made. 

Today, as we celebrate 10 years of Caravan, we’re excited to introduce new items to the collection: the Caravan Double Wide Dresser, a trio of Kalon x Morrow Heirloom Linen Crib Sheets, as well as the offering of all products in American hardwoods Black Walnut and White Oak. A thoughtful expansion to the original crib, divan, and platform bed, we’re so excited to see the Caravan collection itself grow  — and to continue seeing these pieces live and grow alongside families for years to come.