Finding Inspiration: Celebrating Caravan — Living with the Caravan Crib

10 mothers share their experience

As we continue to celebrate Caravan’s 10th birthday, we have been joyfully reflecting on the collection’s enduring beauty and relevance. The Caravan crib, in particular, remains one of our most-recognized designs — a material encapsulation of our belief that children’s design, eco-design, and high-design can coexist beautifully. We invited ten mothers to share their experience of living with the Caravan crib.

Sarah Sherman Samuel, interior designer
“We got our Caravan crib for our first born, Archie, and he was still sleeping in  it when his sister arrived almost three years later. Eventually,  the Caravan was passed to her. I love how solid the crib is. It’s incredibly well made and you can feel it. The Caravan is one of the few furniture pieces that I will hold onto to pass down to my kids for the next generation.”

Maya Brenner, founder Maya Brenner Designs
“I searched high and low for a crib that was stylish, functional, and could grow and change with us and Otis. And as Otis is approaching age 3, we are just about to convert his crib into the equally gorgeous toddler divan.”

Courtney Adamo, creative entrepreneur
“When we first came to view this old house, I loved it immediately but knew it was really too small for us — only 3 bedrooms for our family of 7… The first thing I did was measure Wilkie’s Caravan cot to see if it would fit in the width of that little room. The fact that it fit so perfectly was a sign, and I could start to envision the house working for us. Eventually, we removed the side of the cot and it became a little daybed, our favourite little cosy corner in the house. I love the feeling of the natural wood — it’s so smooth, but you can still feel the texture of the wood.”

Laura Tully, Next Level Women Leaders
“The Caravan crib was a gift from a dear friend who asked me what my dream nursery would look like. The Caravan crib was such a meaningful part of creating a nursery where so many great memories would be built. I would watch him sleep in his crib and those are sweet moments I will carry with me. Always.”

Hillary Petrie, founder Egg Collective
“Our Caravan Crib is the perfect addition to the collection of meaningful pieces we hoped to bring together for Martie’s first space, including my Grandmother’s chest and the original Egg Collective Haynes Mirror. We know each of these items will continue to be special to our family as they transition with us for years to come.”

Anna Wallack, founder Misha & Puff
“It’s truly a pleasure and a gift to be surrounded by simple, impeccably crafted, meaningful objects and furniture. The Caravan crib has been such an important piece for us as it is all these things, and has been part of my daughter’s life from birth. Furniture that grows with your child is genius. The Caravan crib was the first on my wish list when I got pregnant and now I have so many memories with it.”

Laure Joliet, photographer
“When I found out I was pregnant, the very first thing I bought was the Caravan crib. I wanted a timeless piece for the nursery and a solid, wooden thing for Phae to hold on to and feel safe in while she slept. I love that it will grow with her as she transitions to a big girl bed.”

Lily Stockman, artist
“Our Caravan crib has been a huge part of our family’s life since day one with our firstborn, and now our second baby loves sleeping in it. The wood has aged so beautifully, and I can’t wait to convert it into a daybed as it grows with our little ones.”

Crystal Meers, writer and editor
“Ione loves her crib, and it’s been her big girl bed, as well as her playroom bed, too. When Sylvie was born, Ione was hesitant to pass it on (or share anything at all with her new baby sis) but she’s warmed up to it. Sometimes she likes to crawl in and I can’t say no (well, I guess I could but I don’t!).”

Jessica Romm Perez, editor in chief Domino Magazine
“The Caravan is easily the most universally loved piece of furniture in our home. To call it a workhouse is selling it short — the craftsmanship and materiality is what I love about it, but my three kids love that it went from crib for each of them, to toddler bed, to lounge-y daybed for the whole family.”