Material Studies Rugosa Side Table

Able to furnish an indoor or outdoor setting, the Material Studies Rugosa Side Table is made of powder-coated aluminum and bronzed glass. The elegant, pared down silhouettes of Rugosa’s original designs have been adapted in slender, reflective metal. A vibrant palette, including oxblood, lapis and lime white, both celebrate and contrast the textures and hues of the natural landscape. Designed to ensure rugged durability in a variety of climates including the seaside and desert, these pieces exude a joyful sophistication.

The Material Studies Series is an exploration of a material’s influence on design and space. In this first chapter, Rugosa has been translated into vibrant powder-coated aluminum. Originally released in 2020, this suite of furniture was crafted in sustainably harvested Western Sugar Pine. While this collection’s material choice honors and evolves the spirit of the living room, these new pieces embrace the exterior elements. 

18” L x 18” W x 19.8” H
Made in Los Angeles

• Built from Aluminum and Bronzed Glass
• Available in Oxblood, Lapis and Lime White
• Suitable for commercial and residential use
• Highly-durable and resistant to rust and corrosion
• COM available upon request
• No toxins/No off-gassing
• EDC free (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals)
Can be built to client specifications



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