Seminara Masks

Developed by select artists in collaboration with artisans from Calabria, Italy, Trame’s capsule collection of handcrafted Seminara masks are ostentatious and grotesque, with deliberately frightening features to scare away malevolent beings and forces in order to protect the home. The masks are finished in enormous wood fired kilns, which adds an uncontrollable twist to the features and colors rendered by the artisan’s hands — the final touch in their fierce and imperfect beauty.

The collection includes work by Objects of Common Interest, Giovanni De Francesco and traditional artisans from Calabria, Italy.

Artist/designer collaborator: Giovanni De Francesco 

TA RA TA TA is distinguished by its horns, wide eyes, mustache, and screaming mouth. Its fearsome appearance manifests demonic energies in order to expel them, bringing serenity to the owner and ridding the home of negative energy. Incense can be placed within TA RA TA TA’s ceramic jaws for ritual burning. With smoke pouring out of its mouth and eyes, the mask becomes even more ferocious—and thus more powerful.

Artist/designer collaborator: Objects of Common Interest 

100 FEARS is designed by Objects of Common Interest. An accumu- lation of teardrop-shaped ceramic extrusions subtly evoke a face. Each teardrop signifies a fear, from big to small. Without any orifices puncturing the smooth alien face, these fears merely slide across the outer surface, unable to invade its inner consciousness.

Designed by traditional Calabrian artisans. Archeological evidence suggests that the tradition of Seminara masks probably originated thousands of years ago in the costumes of the Magna Graecia theater. As a household object, the mask introduced concepts of constructed identities, performed roles, dramatic conflict, and supernatural intervention into the domestic sphere.



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