Jump Rope

Domestic Black Walnut (linseed oil/wax finish) or Domestic Ash (unfinished) with leather wrapped handles and hand-stitched wax linen thread. Part of Kalon’s small batch, wood and leather Coyote Collection: tools of refinement for the urban animal.

Both ropes come with galvanized steel speed cable. Two cable weights available. All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles. The materials used were specifically chosen due to their ability to grow more beautiful with age and use. Each piece is designed to wear in and not out.

Made in Los Angeles

• Adjustable length.
• Galvanized steel speed cable.
• Available in two cable weights: Ultra Fast or Resistance.


The speed cable is a thin and light, allowing for very fast rotations. The resistance cable is a thicker, heavier cable that is slightly more difficult to move than the speed cable. As such it makes for a more challenging cardio workout. If you’re looking for max reps in the shortest amount of time without burning out, then the speed cable is your go to. If you’re looking to tire yourself out as fast as possible, then you’ll want to use the resistance cable.


65.00  —  85.00