Stump Large – Sale

The pieces included in the sale are seconds. They include pronounced wane or dark streaks in the grain that is natural to the wood. Some pieces include a vein of bark. The differences are aesthetic only and have no impact on the structural integrity of the piece.

Sitting stool and accent piece cut from a solid block of green wood. In these pieces, simple, contemporary form has been applied to a natural material that will break the form as it ages, making each piece unique.

Uncompromising in design and quality, Stump is sustainably made from the highest quality, natural materials in the United States by the finest traditional craftspeople


12″W x 17″H x 12″D

Made in Maine.

• Made from solid, Ash or Maple green wood. Pieces are sanded but not finished.

• Cut from a solid block of freshly cut domestic ash or maple.

The surface splits as it ages and dries, giving each piece a unique look. Ring and heartwood details have been preserved and featured on the seat. Like much of Kalon Studios’ work, Stump explores the playful relationship between the inherent variations of natural materials and the precision of contemporary form. All the lumber used is sustainably harvested. No finish has been applied to best allow the piece to develop a natural patina as it ages.


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