New Work, 2022
June 9 – August 19, 2022

The Bough Collection was first released in May 2018 during New York Design Week after two years of development. A celebration of America’s longstanding, but increasingly rare furniture craft industries, the pieces require a level of precision not commonly found in woodworking. Bough Collection — New Work welcomes a debut of new designs, including a Round Table and Bar Stools, as well as additional species of domestic hardwoods.

Custom-developed joinery with blackened steel detailing draws inspiration from Japan’s Sashimono woodworking technique, which uses intricate concealed joinery and minimal metal fasteners. A study in contrast, the Bough collection juxtaposes heavy slabs of solid wood with slender, sculptural legs to explore the opposition between the traditional and the modern, delicacy and resilience.

Kalon collections are built by small teams of master craftsmen in the United States using a mix of traditional and highly technological methods and a 360 degree approach to sustainability. The Bough Collection is designed in Los Angeles and made by hand in Lebanon, PA.

Bough Collection — New Work is on view at the Kalon Showroom through August 19, 2022.