A Collection for Change: An Evolving Catalog

Giving to protect our environment

The climate crisis is not something we can ignore. It is perhaps the most profound crisis of our lifetime. We’ve decided to dedicate a catalogue of product to support activists working to find solutions to the crisis. We are calling it the Collection for Change.

The Collection for Change is a permanent and evolving catalogue of limited run product. 40% of the revenue generated will be donated to support environmental and climate change initiatives.

The Collection is currently donating to The Sunrise Movement. A group of passionate young leaders who are taking action and fighting for our environment and its future. Their movement is currently being backed by 43 congresspeople and is focusing on pushing through the ‘Green New Deal’.

Sustainability is something we’ve always taken seriously at Kalon. It is at the core of what we do. We are continually asking ourselves how we can do better, how we can do more. Sometimes it’s about giving and not doing. In the spirit of this season, we are giving to the people doing good work on behalf of all of us. These people inspire us.