Rugosa: A Forthcoming Collection

Collection to debut May 18, 2020 as part of Offsite Online

On May 18, we will be debuting our new collection of furniture entitled Rugosa (meaning beach rose). The Rugosa collection consists of seven pieces designed for the living room and brings three new materials to our catalog of work: Belgian linen, sugar pine, and bronzed glass. Named after a summer home on the Rhode Island coast which served as a creative retreat for artists and scholars for decades, the design of the collection is meant to evoke the same breeze-filled living space for the homes of today.

Originally intended for release in Milan this April, Rugosa will make its debut as part of the online exhibition Offsite Online, curated by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer of avant-garde design magazine Sight Unseen. Offsite Online is the 2020 iteration of Sight Unseen Offsite, the publication’s yearly design fair that showcases what’s next in contemporary design.

Rugosa will be our first collection to release simultaneously in Europe and the United States.