Seminara Masks
March 16 – April 30, 2023

Kalon is pleased to host the first US installation of work by Paris-based design studio Trame. Developed by select artists in collaboration with artisans from Calabria, Italy, Trame’s capsule collection of handcrafted Seminara masks are ostentatious and grotesque, with deliberately frightening features to scare away malevolent beings and forces in order to protect the home. The masks are finished in enormous wood fired kilns, which adds an uncontrollable twist to the features and colors rendered by the artisan’s hands — the final touch in their fierce and imperfect beauty.

The installation includes work by Objects of Common Interest, Giovanni De Francesco and traditional artisans from Calabria, Italy. A total of 20 masks are on view — each mask is unique and are available for purchase exclusively at our Showroom.

Founded in 2020, Paris-based homeware brand Trame explores new domestic landscapes across the Mediterranean. Every collection of homeware and accessories is inspired by a historical episode, reflects a cross- cultural journey and celebrates the ingenuity of Mediterranean craftsmen. Trame’s collections frequently introduce contemporary designers to traditional craftsmen. This brings a fresh point of view to those who have spent generations refining artisan techniques while providing economic benefits for local communities and helping to conserve common cultural heritage.

Seminara Masks is on view at the Kalon Showroom through April 30, 2023.