Craft + Process: Jason Good, Assembly

Putting the pieces together

This is Jason. He has been a woodworker for over 12 years. When parts are selected for final assembly, they are not chosen at random. The craftsmen isn’t just looking for structural perfection, parts are selected for their particular grain structure and hue. Hue variations should be subtle, grain structures should flow from one part to the next altering the way the eye perceives the form of the finished piece. Joints are clean. Finished surfaces are smooth and irresistibly soft to the touch. This work takes a careful eye. It is the work of a perfectionist. This is Jason’s speciality.


How did you come to woodworking?
I was a construction worker and wanted to change trades.

What is your speciality or skill?
Chair assembly and finishing.

What process are you working on in the image above?
Crib assembly.

What machine or tool does the process require?
An assembly mallet.

What is the length of time required to complete the process?
20 minutes for the entire crib.

Can you share some details about the process? What makes it particularly difficult or unique requirements of the process?
Parts need to be machined properly so everything fits well. It takes the entire team of workers to create a great product.

What is the greatest challenge?
Working with the imperfections of wood.

What do you enjoy most about the trade?
Creating a beautiful product for customers.

What brings you the most satisfaction in woodworking?
Seeing all the pieces necessary for a finished product come together to make a beautiful piece.