Craft + Process: Rich, Final Inspection

A sharp eye for detail

This is Rich. Rich is responsible for final inspection of our pieces; a critical step that often gets overlooked in bigger operations. With over 24 years in the trade, Rich has incredible expertise and a keen eye that is critical to his specific profession. Final inspection is a review of everything from drawer alignment to grain direction. Are joints clean and strong? Is the finish evenly applied? Are surfaces smooth to the touch? Most importantly, does this piece of furniture meet our intention? The roughly 30 minutes it takes him to inspect one of our dressers couldn’t be done by any one with less skill or pride in what they do.

Kalon was created to reflect the world we want to live in. One of our central tenets is crafting our pieces in the United States. In light of the COVID crisis, we are reminded of how much supply chain matters. Behind each piece is a network of craftspeople each with their own backstory and expertise. We are deeply grateful for every one of them and thank them for their outstanding work at a moment that is difficult for so many.

Our furniture is more than its function; it’s an embodiment of deep knowledge and care for the craft. And like Rich, we believe the quality is in the detail.


How did you come to woodworking?
I enjoy working with my hands.

What is your speciality or skill?
A sharp eye for detail.

What process are you working on in the image above?
Final inspection.

What machine or tool does the process require?

What is the length of time required to complete the process?
On this item (Simple Dresser) for final inspection 20-25 minutes.

What do you enjoy most about the trade?
Turning raw wood into a piece of furniture.

What brings you the most satisfaction in woodworking?
Seeing the finished product.