In the Details: Rugosa’s Material Ode to Summer

Reveling in the textures of the season

Fall has officially landed here in the Western Hemisphere, but Southern California tends to take its time adopting those signature crisp mornings. When they do come, we’ll welcome them with gratitude as well as a sense of awe at the strange swiftness of time. While we make this transition, we wanted to give ourselves permission to pause and revel in some of this summer’s beauty. 

Our new collection, Rugosa, takes inspiration (as well as its name) from a beloved summer home in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Here, a river meets the open ocean at the bottom of the bay, and the rise and fall of the tide constantly remakes the stretch of sand day after day. Set amidst rocky shores and the banks of The Narrows, Rugosa (the house) appears almost like a piece of driftwood — wind-worn, soft-edged, organic. It is eminently of its surroundings, a peaceful presence that does not call attention to itself, but invites you over. 

Rugosa, the collection, stands as an ode to summer itself — not only the ease and warmth of those long, aimless days, but the color palettes and textures of the landscapes and ecosystems that surround us in this place we love. In the smallest of details — for example, cushions made with 100% down/feather fill that refuse to stand at perfect geometric attention, preferring an asymmetrical and rumpled charm — we looked to surrounding nature as a guiding spirit.


Broad planks of western sugar pine. Grassy dunes. Undulating sand banks.

Rugosa features broad planks of sugar pine hand-rubbed with Kalon Bare Finish – a premium, organic plant-based oil/wax finish. It lets the grain of the wood show through, which we love. Simple joinery lends the piece an aesthetic versatility made to look at home in any space.

Polished, bronzed glass. The mirrored sea at dawn and dusk.

The slick, reflective quality of the bronzed glass is beautifully juxtaposed against more organic, imperfect textures of the wood and linen. It catches light differently throughout the day, much like the surface of the sea. 

Belgian linens. Weathered surfaces. A pocket of lichen and rocks exposed by a rising and falling tide. Pebbled sands. 

In Narragansett, the dew is so thick in the mornings it appears to have rained. Lichen clings to every surface. Sandy feet, salty air, ocean winds are all corrosive, but they work their magic — the weathering reveals a lived-in and well-loved nature we obsess over. Linen breathes and gets better with age and use. Furniture should live with us.

Rumpled cushions. Knobby, salt-scented clamshells. Boulders by the beach.

Rugosa’s cushions are made from 100% feather, which means they’ll always resist rigid perfection. That was an intentional choice, one we made to invite relaxation and ease. The rumpled, organic quality of the cushions offers a comfortable complement to the more pristine glass and wood surfaces.