From the Studio: The Kalon Showroom

A milestone 14 years in the making.

For so many reasons, now felt like a powerful moment to channel some of our energy (or, let’s be real, most of it) towards creating a physical space in the world.

After 14 years of building a very tactile, physical brand in a mostly online capacity, we envisioned the showroom as a place where people could come to experience Kalon and all we stand for, to touch the materials, and see how our designs make them feel. So much of our practice is about those materials, and about the cultivation of particular feelings and emotions. All of that is best experienced with our full sensory capacities doing what they do best. Collections will rotate on the showroom floor throughout the year, with new work, as well as classic pieces from the Simple, Caravan and Isometric collections, rubbing shoulders. A library of all the materials, finishes, and textiles for our full range of pieces will be available.

The showroom is also about creative collaboration and celebrating, as well as cultivating, community. It is not only a place to discover Kalon but to encounter other objects and makers with stories to tell. This showroom would simply not have been possible without the contributions of so many others; Adam Silverman, Bari Ziperstein, Erik Blinderman, Terremoto, Laure Joilet, Ramsey Conder, Brendan Ravenhill, Victoria Morris, Ryosuke Yazaki, Portola Paints, Lakes Studio, Zia Tiles, Allied Maker and more all helped bring it to life. Kalon’s longtime studio manager, Julia Saltzman, and her partner Austin Leis styled the space and contributed work. Starting very soon, we will be programming events — workshops, trunk shows, panels, and more — to further activate the space. In this way, the showroom becomes much bigger than just us. We hope for our showroom to reach beyond its four walls and inspire connection and dialogue in our community.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can do so now. We’d also love to hear from you about programming or partnership opportunities. And in the meantime, make sure you’re signed up for the Kalon newsletter.

Photos by Laure Joliet