April 9-May 7, 2022

One of the most widely published interior photographers working today, Laure Joliet has captured a plethora of aspirational homes and styled scenes. Elsewhere, in moments stolen, Joliet turns her lens on earthly and domestic observations and found vignettes marked by a striking intimacy. Joliet’s photos invite a softness with our surroundings — a sort of quiet witnessing — as well as a rigorous noticing that reveals a keen sensitivity to the material and emotional world around us. Curated across nearly a decade of unpublished archive material and exhibited for the very first time within the Kalon showroom, Invitations deepens the act and art of paying attention.

“This show is about coming into a tighter focus on a fleeting moment that no one has set up specifically for a photo. It’s a chance encounter with something beautiful, raw, and specific that I am noticing. It’s about not being anchored in a specific space or time. It’s these floating color fields, textures, glows. It isn’t about an impressive house or trip or anything you might covet. It isn’t about ‘over there’. With Invitations, I’m bringing themoment and the space (especially through use of scale) to the now. These photos are very much about the liminal space between interior and exterior — personally, physically, emotionally. ”

Laure Joliet
Born in California and raised between LA and Paris, Laure Joliet is a photographer known for a sharp architectural eye for detail, color and symmetry. She skillfully constructs compositions that are both precise and balanced by a delicate emotional tonality. Laure studied at CalArts and the Ecole Des Beaux Arts and has spent the past decade shooting for an array of architects and designers as well as commercial and editorial clients.

Invitations is on view at the Kalon Showroom through May 7, 2022.

Laure Joliet 'Invitations' show at Kalon Studios 2022