From the Studio: Highland Collection

A nod to the California landscape

The beauty of nature is so often in her imperfection. If you pay close enough attention, it becomes abundantly clear that no two flowers are exactly alike, no tree a carbon copy of another. Kindred in form, they possess quite their own character — and in so doing, remind us humans to do the same. 

In crafting our newest collection, Highland, we sought to embrace the organic, looking to the golden landscapes of California, especially its rugged oak-dotted hillsides for inspiration. Cut from solid oak and rendered in a generous scale, Highland is meant to evoke the grandness of the outdoors. And while the temptation is often to create perfect lines, we instead celebrate the imperfect, remembering the powerfully irregular form and gnarled angles of California’s coast live oak trees.

Purposeful joint juxtapositions further call attention to the unique spectrum of wood textures found in a single species. Highland’s scale and smooth, machined surfaces highlight the many natural grain variations of solid white oak. Together, these aesthetic choices draw you in to reflect upon an elegant yet decidedly organic body of work expressed in a desk, extension dining table, chair and bench.

To celebrate Highland’s launch, we visited one of the most iconic residences in Los Angeles, the Lovell House located in the hills of Los Feliz. Built between 1927 and 1929 by Richard Neutra, the modernist style structure is hardly pristine. Still, soaring floor-to-ceiling windows looking out upon a quintessential Southern California landscape manage to steal your breath. Surfaces awash in the unmistakable yellow-pink glow of late afternoon light in Los Angeles reveal the passage of time in a manner akin to metals acquiring a beautiful patina with age. Here, Highland’s ode to the bounty of California and the magnetism of imperfection finds a fitting home.

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