Finding Inspiration: Rugosa Color Preview

New hues on the horizon.

Wood is the main material focus of our practice, which means our work exists in a highly neutral register. Upholstery gives us a more exuberant opportunity to consider what feelings we want to evoke while drawing upon our wide-ranging interests and inspirations. 

For this new season, we were inspired by autumnal earth tones, the striking saturation of blue lazurite, and colors that draw upon the natural world and antiquities. These colors engage our senses and call upon rich associations with the power to cultivate particular moods. 

As our greatest muse, we typically honor nature by highlighting wood grain structures. Within Rugosa, broad expanses of Sugar Pine celebrate the beauty of the material that reminds us of its origins. To further tease that close relationship, we wanted to bring the outdoors inside with an offering of green upholstery. Inspired by cactus gardens of Southern California and Mexico and terre verte pigments used since antiquity, this shade of green evokes feelings of balance and calm. We also love the world of earthy umbers, ochers, and siennas for their neutral yet dramatic tonality. Beloved by the late Renaissance and baroque painters, these colors were used to convey shadow and depth. Today, they call to mind the first crunchy leaves of fall, and evoke feelings of warmth and intrigue. Appealing to minimalists and color lovers alike, we’re excited to introduce this color in an exciting new material for Kalon, mohair. Lastly, we have been inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain pottery, Yves Klein, and the intriguing cultural history of ultramarine, the world’s most prized blue pigment, to introduce our most striking upholstery color ever. Inspiring optimism and energy, this saturated blue will hold court in any room.

As believers in the power of objects, and in the ability of the colors, textures, proportions, and history of the things we surround ourselves with to shape how we feel and engage with our environment, we love the opportunity to delve deeply into the impulses and inspirations behind what we create.