From the Studio: Echo Collection

Cultivating a space a child can claim as their own

The objects we live with carry meaning. They impact how we move through our home spaces and serve as invitations to notice, gather, to find comfort. Few objects carry as much inherent meaning as a crib. For many, choosing our child’s first bed is the first fully considered choice we make when it comes to furniture. It’s no surprise that the options we weigh simply carry more weight when we’re selecting a piece where we will lay an infant to rest.

Designed some 12 years ago when we were expecting our second child, the Echo collection was made to be both nurturing and immersive. A crib is, after all, the first space that belongs to a child alone. We sought to honor that vantage point in a design that brings attention to the world within the crib walls. Decidedly sculptural in approach, the gently sloping surfaces and continuous lines of the piece create a fluid form. Much like cocoons and eggs — our references from the natural world — it’s a design that holds space.

When Echo was first taking shape, we were living on the edge of 100 acres of woodlands. Immediately outdoors was a field that shifted throughout the seasons between high grass, wildflowers, and snow. We sought to capture the ever-evolving beauty of the natural world in our material choices.  Echo’s broad, bold expanses highlight the natural beauty of wood. Built from all-natural, biodegradable materials, Echo’s material focus brings awareness to both the natural resource and to the hand that made each piece and celebrates the living beauty of natural materials — like hardwood grain variations, imperfections we regard as marks of beauty, and the luster of a well-developed patina.

Echo was also very much born from a desire to create a crib that looked and felt decidedly different. At the time, gendered, mass-market knock-downs built from composite materials dominated the market. We sought to bring simplicity, integrity, and an elevated yet modern form to parents seeking a contemporary, heirloom quality piece. Everything about Echo, from the natural, biodegradable materials and custom mixed non-toxic finishes to its soft, cradling form and convertibility, reflects our desire to create a nurturing space that a growing child could claim as their own.

As we celebrate the relaunch of Echo against the backdrop of an industry that hasn’t changed much, we find the thinking behind Echo’s immersive materiality and sculptural form as resonant as it was over a decade ago.

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